Friday 12 May 2023

A week of Slimming World meals

      These photos are a resume of most of the meals I have had over the last week, excluding desserts, snacks, naughty things, etc. It starts on Saturday and goes through to the following Friday.

For details of syns, healthy extras, etc, see the individual posts.

Saturday, 06-05-23 - Coronation Day
B:  just an apple
L:  cheese, smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches, mini quiches, tomatoes; scone, jam and yogurt
D:  not-Pimms; coronation chicken jacket potato and salad

Sunday, 07-05-23
B:  pancakes, fruit and yogurt
L:  roast turkey, roasted parsnips and sweet potato, Jersey Royals, broccoli
D:  pork and chorizo meatballs, mixed roasted vegetables, grated cheddar

Monday, 08-05-23
B:  bagel, avocado, scrambled egg, mushrooms and tomatoes
L:  at my daughter's so no photo
D:  baked beans, feta

Tuesday, 09-05-23
B:  sweet omelette with fruit and yogurt
L:  turkey club sandwich, crudites
D:  lamb hotpot, broccoli and broad beans

Wednesday, 10-05-23
B:  hash brown, bacon and egg stack, mushrooms, tomatoes
L:  leftovers of lamb hotpot and broad beans, tomatoes
D:  braised balsamic chicken, mixed veg

Thursday, 11-05-23
B:  fruit
L:  cheese and onion toastie, salad
D:  sweet and sour chicken with pineapple and stir fry veg

Friday, 12-05-23
B:  mangled waffle with fruit and yogurt
L:  balsamic chickpea, avocado and feta salad
D:  turkey and chickpea casserole with loads and loads of extra veg, rice

And that's it for the week.

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