Wednesday 3 May 2023

Wednesday, 03-05-23

Good morning, everyone.
I'm out of a lot of things so I'm doing a fairly substantial shop this morning, having worked out a skeleton meal plan for the next week-ish.

Yesterday's photos:

Breakfast was plums, pineapple and blackberries with yogurt and seeds.  Lovely!
Lunch was lovely.  I spray roasted sweet potato, onion, peppers and mushrooms with a bit of garlic, added the leftover noodles right at the end to warm up and then topped it with cheese and popped it under the grill.
I only used salt and pepper because I do love the flavour of the roasted veg just as it is.
The evening was a catastrophe.  My reason (not an excuse) was that I was desperately tired and couldn't be bothered!
I just cooked the prepped wedges and the defrosted chicken in Nellie and had it plain.  I'd already started nibbling anyway and that just continued.  Oh, dear.

Back on it today!

Today's plans:

B:  fruit, seeds and yogurt
I'm having this so much at the moment, mostly because I love it but also because I have yogurt that needs using up.  
It's so nice made up well before breakfast and using frozen fruit so that the juice from the fruit permeates the yogurt and mixes with the lovely, nutty, seedy flavour.  So good!
SW:  one syn for a level tsp mixed seeds

L:  pitta pizza, salad; fruit
I love pitta pizza!  It'll probably be a cheese, tomato, mushroom and pepper one and the sauce will be a mix of ketchup, tomato puree and fresh oregano
SW:  the pitta will be my healthy extra B and I will use an A on grated cheddar, one and a half syns for one tbsp of the lovely ketchup I use (Tiptree ketchup) and I think that is it.

D:  a ready meal
I have a governors' meeting from six to eight this evening - the most inconvenient time you could possibly imagine.  I'm going shopping this morning so I have decided I will just get myself one of the Aldi slim well meals.  They carry a few syns but most of them are very low in both calories and syns.
At least a meeting will stop me from nibbling through the evening!
SW:  around two syns, depending on what I get plus half a syn for the yogurt.

Exercise:  personal training today

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
four syns

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