Friday 12 May 2023

Friday, 12-05-23

Morning, everyone!
Weigh day and, as usual, I have no idea.  There were a few off plan meals, particularly on Coronation day, but . . . well, we will see.

I'm not really fussed - I know where I'm heading and slow and steady works for me.  I'm loving my food, don't want to change what I do and I do enjoy the occasional little blow out!

Yesterday's meal photos:

Before SET I had a banana and then some orange, strawberries and melon.  Very nice.

Lunch did not go according to plan.  I was supposed to be at a friend's but she wasn't well and cancelled.
I was very pleased that I'd saved the healthy extras in case I could use them for what Val was providing and had a tasty toastie with salad, followed by an orange.

one and a half healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
one and a half syns for onion chutney
I had planned to have salad with the chicken but I changed it to stir fry veg as I had salad for lunch.
The sauce for the chicken was OK but it didn't go sticky as it contained sweetener.  When I do it again, I will use honey instead to get a bit of sticky and pay the syns.  It was really nice.

Then, piggy me, I scoffed ALL the jelly mousse stuff.  It was delicious!!  Not moussy, more like a milk jelly with bubbles whisked in.
Another to make again.

one more syn for the second dessert

Today's plans:

B:   waffle, fruit and yogurt
My favourite post-weigh-in breakfast and one I enjoy very much.  I haven't made a waffle for a while.
SW:  half a healthy extra B and I will use 0% Greek yogurt so no syns there

L:  balsamic chickpea, avocado and feta salad, side salad; fruit
This is comparatively high in syns but I want to see what the avocado is like in chunks.  Cherie asked if it went 'slimy' so I will find out.
Here's the recipe which I will need to adapt to fit SW.
It has a dressing that uses olive oil.  I might make it or I might make my own using super-light mayo, 0% yogurt and balsamic vinegar dressing instead - I know it's nice and I will still get that balsamic flavour
SW:  one healthy extra A, three syns for 40g avocado, and three syns for half tbsp olive oil (maybe)

D:  turkey and chickpea casserole, hm flatbread to dunk?; yogurt
I would like to finish off the roast turkey from the weekend today - I popped it in the freezer but don't want it to stay there.  The recipe is from day 23 of the 'Say Yes to Success' booklet that was given out in group a while ago now.
It actually just uses cannellini beans but, as I will open a can of chickpeas for lunch, I will use them instead, and it says chicken but I have turkey to use up.   It's basically just a tomato based sauce (and I have half a can of chopped tomatoes to use up from the other day) with turkey, chickpeas and veg and it sounds delish.  Given the number of vegetables I am planning to use, I won't need to add any sides!  Also, I seem to remember I have a little pot of 'posh' rice in the freezer and I think I will toss that in just to warm it up before serving.
(I love meals like this!)
The flatbread is just SR wholemeal flour with yogurt and seasonings, mixed into a dough, rolled out and dry fried (or I might try baking it in Nellie.  Thinking about it, some mixed seeds or/and some chilli flakes might work. 
SW:  one healthy extra B (the flour, see below), half a syn for half a tbsp mixed seeds and half a syn for yogurt

Ex:  I found an article on the SW site with some stair based activities.  I'm going to give them a go because they are all strength based and that's what I want to work on.
warm up (probably steps up and down)
mountain climbers
body weight squats
press ups (sort of)
tricep dips
sit ups
pelvic bridge
reverse step ups
stretch to cool down.
No idea how many of each I can manage - I'll see how it goes and record what I can do.

one healthy extra A
one and a half healthy extra Bs  (I've swapped the As and the Bs around today - not officially condoned but I know people do it sometimes))
seven syns - not as bad as I thought it might be!

Not SW canon but . . .
Healthy extra Bs are all about the fibre.

40g wholemeal flour (either plain or SR) is slightly lover in calories but a bit higher in fibre that 60g oats which are very much a healthy extra B

Therefore, I feel no guilt  when I call 20g wholemeal SR as half a B.  It fulfils all the B requirements and opens the culinary door to much nicer pancakes, waffles, etc.  But it is not official and I can't imagine Jen (my SW consultant) would go along with it if I mentioned it in group - so I don't.

(I'm going to try potato cakes at some point - mash, flour, cheese and seasonings.  Mmmmmmmm)

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