Monday 1 May 2023

Monday, 01-05-23

Morning, everyone.  Pinch and punch and no returns!

I've been away for the weekend, had a great time and indulged myself a little bit but now it is time to get back to my usual Slimming World ways.  That's not a great hardship; as must be clear from all my posts, I love my SW-friendly way of eating.  It is delicious, varied, colourful and very sustainable.  Also, healthy, of course.  😇

Actually, I've not been so bad, food wise, it is the drinks, to be honest.  It's all inclusive at Five Lakes and one has to make the most of it.  It will be good to get back on track and, despite looking at a gain on Friday, I can minimise the damage and it won't hit too badly.

Today's plans:

B:  fruit and yogurt, maybe boiled eggs
They do lovely breakfasts at Five Lakes and their continental buffet is brilliant.
SW:  unknown because I am sure the yogurt isn't 0% but not to worry.  After breakfast is where I draw that line

L:  cheese and onion toastie, salad; fruit
I've got to have something favourite to start the journey.  I dearly love a toastie!
SW:  two healthy extra As, one B and one and a half syns for chutney plus one syn for salad cream if I make some coleslaw.

D:  chicken and veg in a tonkatsu sauce, stir fry veg; yogurt
I liked the tonkatsu sauce so very much, I decided to use it in other contexts.  I want to go a bit lower carb for a few days so no rice.  I'll have a side salad if needed but it probably won't be.
I have the basic sauce recipe and I sill look up some others too, to see what else could be added so I have my own definitive version.
I'll use frozen stir fry veg for convenience.
SW:  I think, looking back to last week, the sauce will be one and a half syns and the yogurt will be half a syn

Ex:  It's been a 'fitness and fun' weekend so I have been very energetic, doing eight classes including today's aqua -  phew!

up to two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
four and a half syns
breakfast syns - but I doubt very much it will take me over

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