Tuesday 9 May 2023

Tuesday, 09-05-23

Morning, everyone!

Yesterday's meal photos:

A very tasty and filling breakfast.  The frozen avocado chunks are brilliant!

No photo of lunch because I was at Beth's for Alex's birthday.  I had a small slice of thin crust cheese and tomato pizza (no other toppings), one little slice of garlic bread and quite a lot of nice salad, followed by a thin slice of birthday cake.  You have to when it is a birthday, don't you?
No, this isn't the planned Tiktok pasta.  After a pretty late lunch, I really wasn't all that hungry come dinner time so I just had half a can of baked beans with some feta crumbled over and it was surprisingly nice.  I truly didn't  want anything more.

Today's plans:

B:  sweet omelette with fruit and yogurt
Just what it says, using fruit from the freezer
SW:  syn free

L:  turkey club sandwich, crudités; fruit
I found this on the SW site but there's also a copy/scan of it on Pinterest:
It looks huge and, as I have leftover roast turkey from Sunday, perfect for a good old SW healthy sandwich.
To go with it, I plan to have celery, carrot, pepper and cucumber sticks - all finger food.
SW:  the recipe says one healthy extra B and one syn so I'm going with that.

D:  lamb hotpot, vegetables; yogurt
I have cooked lamb in stock in the freezer and some new potatoes left from Sunday so let's combine the two to make a sort of easy hotpot thingy with some grated cheese melted on top.  Oh, and I have some baked beans to use up so I may very well add them to the hotpot - if I remember!
Veg will probably be carrots, broad beans and broccoli
SW:  the container says two syns for the lamb, the cheese will be a maximum of one A and the yogurt half a syn

Ex:  back to normal again with Groove - and a support bandage as a precaution.

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
three and a half syns


  1. Do the frozen avocado turn to slimy mush. I'm tempted to try them as I'm sick of throwing avocado away.

    1. Good question. All I have done so far is thaw and mash with lime and seasoning. It certainly hasn't been 'mushy'. I must try it, maybe mixed into a salad with seeds and feta or something like that.
      < wanders off to look at meal plans for the rest of the week >