Tuesday 2 May 2023

Tuesday, 02-05-23

Good morning, everyone.
The weekend break is over, I am back home and back on plan again.  I certainly won't lose this week and a maintain would be a miracle but I've exercised my socks off, had a great time and I'm fine with that. 

I'm glad that Real Life can include holidays and times away.

Yesterday's photos:
Breakfast was at Five Lakes so no photo.  I had a banana before aqua splash and yogurt, mixed seeds and fruit afterwards.

My meal times are all out of straight after the weekend and I felt really hungry at about twelve thirty so I nibbled on a chicken satay skewer for one and a half syns and that filled the gap until two.
Toastie and coleslaw for lunch and it was so good.

Afterwards, I had a couple of easy peelers.
That was a bit last minute.  I had made the tonkatsu sauce, adding to it some garlic granules and some lemon juice (very nice) and cooked the chicken.  I popped out to the freezer to get the frozen mixed stir fry vegetables and - I didn't have any!  Ooops.

So I used frozen mixed peppers, which I did have, and quickly prepped onion, carrot, cabbage, mushroom and cabbage for stir frying.  I decided I did want some carb after all so I cooked one 'nest' of noodles, using half in this dish and added that, poured over the sauce and then scattered over one syns-worth of mixed seeds (one tsp).  It was absolutely scrumptious.

I had no room for dessert and have some cooked noodles in the fridge to use up today.
Today's plans:

B:, fruit, mixed seeds, yogurt
I so enjoyed this breakfast at Five Lakes although I am sure the yogurt was NOT 0%.  Never mind!
I'll use frozen fruit, I think.  I need to do a shop tomorrow and the fresh fruit is rather low now.
SW:  one syn for one tsp mixed seeds

L:  roasted veg with noodles and cheese; fruit
I have a small amount of cooked noodles to use up so I think I will air roast some veg  in Nellie (probably squash, sweet potato, onion, peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes), mix in the noodles and sprinkle cheese over the top with a salad on the side.
SW:  one healthy extra A for cheese

D:  cajun chicken loaded wedges, salad; yogurt
This recipe is in the booklet handed out just after Easter.  It looks pretty easy.  I will add some cheese to it, just because . . .
SW:  the recipe is free plus one A for cheese and half a syn for the yogurt

Exercise:  nothing official today

two healthy extra As
no healthy extra Bs
one and a half syns