Thursday 18 May 2023

Thursday, 18-05-23

Morning, everyone!

Yesterday's meal photos:

This sounded very fancy in the book I used and it was very nice, but it was only coffee flavoured yogurt and fruit.  I enjoyed it very much, as I always enjoy that sort of thing but the recipe over-sold it (I was going to say over-egged but that might be misunderstood!).
Now, these falafels were something else entirely.  So, so delicious.  I added just a little bit of Seriously Cheddar light (part of an A) but made the rest straight and  - well, it is straight on the list of things to make again - although I've just realised I forgot the mixed seeds.  Never mind!

I had them in a wrap and, to make a dressing, I mixed one tbsp of M&S Light Caesar dressing (one and a half syns) with about two tsps plain yogurt and it worked very well indeed, spread over the wrap before adding the lettuce, some cucumber and the falafels.

Later on, I had some strawberries and some pineapple.

Dinner wasn't nearly as exciting but it was nice.  I finished off with a Mullerlight and that was me done for the day!

Today's plans:

B:  fruit and yogurt
I have to have this because there's precious little eating window time this morning so it has to be grab and go!
SW:  syn free

L:  hopefully, at Val's today after last week had to be rescheduled
I'm saving my healthy extras and, if this is cancelled again, I can have a toastie.  If not, and I hope not, it gives me calories to play with, if needed.
SW:  not known.

D:  chicken skewers (2), broccoli, spicy roasted squash; yogurt
The skewers are from Iceland.  For the squash, I will use some frozen cubes, spray oil them, sprinkle over some all purpose seasoning and roast them in Nellie.  It should be nice.
SW:  two syns for skewers and half a syn for yogurt

Ex:   online SET

Not known because of lunch but so far no healthy extras and two and a half syns.

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