Saturday 13 May 2023

Saturday, 13-05-23 and feedback for Cherie

Morning, everyone!

Weigh in was not so great yesterday.  One and a half pounds on when I was genuinely expecting a loss.  For a moment I felt somewhat aggrieved and then I realised actually, it didn't matter, sometimes it happens for no particular reason and it was OK.  Really, no problem!

(I wasn't the only one.  Something in the air, perhaps - as if!!)

Yesterday's meal photos:

I've fallen out with Gizmo II.  Three times in a row my breakfast waffle has stuck - this time was the worst yet, despite using 'real' oil to brush the plates, not spray oil.  I was not a happy bunny!
Despite this mangling of my favourite breakfast, it tasted really nice and it was certainly cooked properly.  It just stuck and come off in bits.
I will try the other waffle plates, those from Gizmo I which I kept and see if that makes any difference.  If not, I will need to have a ponder!

It was tasty though!

This was a winner and so, so simple.

The outside was just simple salad ingredients (lettuce, cucumber, red pepper tomato and celery) and the inside was just under 40g frozen chopped avocado  (40g is 54 calories which makes it one calorie into two and a half syns because of the rounding rule - playing with numbers really), some chickpeas and about 45g feta (or the cheaper equivalent), mixed together with half a tbsp extra virgin olive oil (three syns) and a splash of balsamic vinegar.  I thought it wouldn't be enough dressing but it was - I dislike salad swimming in oily dressing.

Cherie, I got the avocado out around an hour before using it so it had thawed (just) but wasn't hanging around thawed.  It was soft but certainly in no way mushy or slimy.  I would say go for it and see what you think.

Dinner bore absolutely no resemblance to the original recipe.

I used cooked turkey, not raw chicken; chickpeas, not cannellini beans; onion, pepper, mushroom and baby corn rather than courgette and spinach; a right mix of seasonings (all purpose seasoning (home made), garlic granules, tomato puree, liquid smoke, pepper and salt).  I did use rice but it was 'posh' rice - basmati and wild rices.
Finally, you couldn't call it a casserole!

Sorry, original recipe, but I bet what I did was loads nicer.  I loved it anyway!

I finished off with a Mullerlight.

Today's plans:

B:  hm pork sausages, egg, mushroom and tomatoes
Using the same recipe as I use for burgers and meatballs but just sausage shaped.  
SW:  one and a half syns for the bit of grated cheddar there will be in the sausages.

L:  avocado, smoked salmon and salad bagel, simple salad; fruit
Just what it says - I will probably toast the bagel first.
SW:  one healthy extra B for the bagel and if I have just under 40g avocado, it is two syns.  The rest will be speed/free

D:   BBQ shredded chicken, jacket potato, roasted veg; yogurt
I will make the BBQ marinade/sauce using honey, ketchup, soy sauce, lemon or lime juice, mustard powder, garlic, liquid smoke and a few chilli flakes - some of that will need to be synned.  The idea is to marinate the chicken in the sauce, then wrap it all in foil and cook it slowly (probably in Nellie because it will still be quicker) and then to shred the chicken/sauce and pile it on the jacket potato.
That's the theory!
SW:  two tsps honey is two syns, ditto of ketchup is one syn, and the rest is free.  I also suspect I will want a syn's worth of Crucial's bbq sauce.  Yogurt is half a syn.

Ex:  SET class at the studio

no healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
eight syns max


  1. My weight loss has stalled but I certainly look trimmer so I'm not overly concerned.