Thursday 4 May 2023

Thursday, 04-05-23

Good morning, everyone.
It all fell apart again yesterday evening, despite carefully selecting a ready meal to have after the meeting.


Well, it could be . . . 
that my whole routine, eating times, meal content was totally disrupted over the weekend
that indulging in addictive sugary, fatty stuff has set off those addiction cravings again
that I'm still very weary after a weekend away and having my home 'invaded' for a couple of days (I know that sounds odd and the work needed doing and it's all done now but, even so, I found it stressful)
that I'm a bit down because my ankle is playing up and I can't exercise as I am accustomed to - and I am really missing it
that I am just a big piggy!!  (unlikely to be this but needs considering - I used to be but honestly, I have turned this one around)

What to do?
Goodness knows.  I have considered a total fast today but I think that might have a rebound effect tomorrow.  
Obviously, I draw the line, face the music at weigh in tomorrow and carry on dancing in the way I know best.
I could just pick up the pieces and have a good, normal SW day
But I think I will take a middle pathway and have a two meal day - it will work with Slimming World but also lower the calories somewhat, just for the day.  That won't be too hard because I am really not hungry this morning and doubt I will be until much later.  If I pack them out with my favourite veg so I really, really enjoy them, I should be satisfied.
And I will come down hard on the Intermittent Fasting.  Today a six hour window (between one and seven) and from then on, eight hours (eleven to seven).  I know it works for me and I know it stops evening nibbling.

Sorry the above isn't that inspirational but I started this as an accountability thing and that means honesty through good and through bad.

On a more positive note, I had a really good beginning of the month food shop yesterday and, finally, at last, managed to get some frozen avocado chunks.  Yee hah!  The checkout lady commented on how popular they are and she thinks they are great - so I wonder if the staff grab them when they come in!
Anyway, I got two bags - not cheap but much better than buying small tubs of smashed avocado that have to be used fairly speedily.

Yesterday's photos:
Just one from yesterday.
Breakfast was an apple and an orange.  I didn't take a photo.
Dinner was a disaster.

Lunch was lovely.  Pitta pizza.  I split the pitta and half was topped with cheddar and half with feta-ish cheese (Savers cheapo Greek style stuff)
I made the sauce with half ketchup, half tomato puree, garlic granules and herbs and the toppings are onion, pepper, mushroom and baby corn.
So delish!!

Today's plans:  

Meal 1:  an open toastie, tomatoes and mushrooms; fruit and yogurt
I plan to use one slice of my lovely home made bread, toasted, spread it with some avocado (I have to, don't I?), top that with cheese and melt under the grill.  The mushroom and tomatoes will feel like breakfast and the toastie like lunch.
Then I will make a fresh fruit salad and have it with a dollop of 0% Greek yogurt
SW:  one healthy extra A for cheese and half a B for the toast, plus 30g frozen avocado is two syns.  The dessert will be speed and free

Meal 2:  chicken in creamy sun-dried tomato sauce, broccoli, cauliflower and broad beans; fruit yogurt
The chicken part is based on a Slimming Eats recipe and can be found online.
I'm having it with three of my favourite veg; I know broad beans are free, not speed, but I do love them so much and don't have them very often.
SW:  half a healthy extra A for 15g hard Italian cheese (more than it says so I might have less, I'll see how it goes) and three syns, assuming I use Philly light, not super-light.  Dessert is the same as lunch so free

And no eating after seven - in bold for emphasis!!!!

Exercise: nothing formal 😢 but, ankle permitting, I will do some gardening.  Better than nothing!

one and a half healthy extra As
half a healthy extra B
five syns


  1. It's remarkably easy for 'life' stuff to knock us off our path, isn't it? (I know! My guts and bowels are reminding me every couple of days). Having workmen in the house, be it for essential maintenance or even wanted stuff, I also find extremely stressful. Your careful routine was disrupted over the weekend, even though it was an enjoyable one, it was still a disruption. And then there's your ankle preventing you from doing your normal everyday exercises as much as you'd like. Whilst it's easy for stuff to knock us back, it's not easy to get back into our routines. You know all this, Joy, and you know you'll get going again (as will I), you've done it before. It's all just a blip, it's nothing permanent. Go easy on yourself - and believe in yourself, we believe in you! xx

    1. Far too easy but it's understandable, I guess.
      Thank you for such a lovely, understanding comment, Sooze. So kind. xx