Wednesday 14 June 2023

A Slimming World (mostly, anyway) shopping haul

 As it was a very hot day, I went armed with not just bags for life but also with chill bags.

M&S first, then over to Aldi,and finally, for the few things I couldn't find there, Morrisons.
I honestly don't think I will need to shop again until July now - unless it is for salad veg.

I still had some stuff - apples, for example, and oranges, 0% yogurt and cheddar - so there's some regulars that are missing this time.

So - in no particular order . . .

Bread stuff.

I needed flour but it was very hard to find strong wholemeal.  I got it in Morrisons, in the end.  I also got5 some spelt flour because I'm thinking of ringing the changes a bit with my wholemeal loaves and mixing the flours.  Worth a go anyway.  I wondered about rye but couldn't find any.

The bap and pitta pockets will be individually wrapped and frozen.

Packets, jars and bottles

I use lemon and lime juice regularly so bottles are a great saving.  I needed mango chutney and baby beets and the mixed beans was because I rather fancy making stuff with them.

The coffee pods, from Aldi, were £1.79 for ten which means 18p per mug.  That's pretty good considering the cheapest Americano in a cafe is not ovr £2 so no guilt there.


Not much needed this time.  I'll need to pick through the ham trimmings to gat rid of any fatty stuff but it looked pretty good really.

Dairy stuff

And mayo.  Hellman's super light mayo has been impossible to get recently so I got two bottles of the Aldi version to see me through for a while.
The rest is just the usual stuff.


Again, very little needed as I still had some left.


OK, so this is where I went maybe slightly OTT.  I still have apples and oranges so didn't get any but there were some good deals - nectarines £1 for five in M&S, for example, and stoned fruit generally are coming into their own right now.

Other stuff

Yes, folks, I buy bags of ice.  Regularly.  And I don't feel the least bit guilty, even though it is an unnecessary purchase really.

I got the fish because it was recommended as very nice.  Yes, you have to syn it.  One is four and a half, I think, and the other five and a half, but I'm trying to eat more fish and it sounds nice, don't you think?

I also bought some loo roll, hay fever meds, sun block and some cans and bottles of fizzy and squash - must have something to jazz up the ice, after all.  :-)

And that is that for this month, I hope.  For the first time this year it cost less than I thought it would so no complaints from me.

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