Friday 23 June 2023

Friday, 23-06-23

Good morning, everybody!
Today, being Friday,.is weigh day and, as usual, I have absolutely no idea whatsoever . . .
I'm also weighing at home before I set off, something I rarely do.  The reason is that next week I am not able to go so I want something to measure loss/gain next week.  I know I can't compare that with the SW scales weigh in but it will provide a baseline.
Yesterday's photos:

Fruit and yogurt and very nice too.  I also munched on an apple.
I decided to have a boiled egg in my wrap and I'm glad I did - it was lovely!
Afters was two easy peelers.
I decided to splash out on some toasted sesame oil to roast the veg in - for flavour and also no as not to use the spray oil which I'm going to try to cut down on a bit as it's ultra processed.
It imparted a lovely flavour to the veg.
Afters was a yogurt (I'm not going to waste them)..

Today's plans:

B:  pancakes, fruit and yogurt
The usual Friday breakfast after SW and very yum too.
SW:  half a healthy extra B, half a syn for yogurt

L:  cheese on toast, brown sauce; fruit
SW:  the other half B and one A plus up to one syn for brown sauce

D:  chicken tikka masala, rice; fruit and yogurt
I will use the first of the JD seasoning kits I have and I know this will be delicious.
SW:  the curry, etc, is syn free and half a syn for yogurt

Exercise:  rest day

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
two syns


  1. I hope the weigh in went well. xx

    1. A maintain, Sooze. Very happy with that. xx