Tuesday 20 June 2023

Tuesday, 20-06-23

Good morning, everybody!

Yesterday's photos:

I mixed some cut up slightly doubtful old strawberries to mix with yogurt as a filling and the whole ones are some I picked before breakfast from Lathcoats PYO - and they are so, so delicious
I'd planned a smoked salmon roll but then remembered that I had ham trimmings that really need eating so I did!
The soft cheese I used turned out to be a healthy A - well, half a healthy A really.

Later on, I scoffed more gorgeous strawberries - it's lucky they don't upset my tum or give me a rash.

I had forgotten how nice this Vietnamese pork was.  I can't for the life of me see why I valued it at six syns but there must have been a reason.
Dessert was yogurt and then I had a nectarine and more strawberries.  So delicious.

Today's plans:

B:  scrambled egg, smoked salmon, tomatoes and mushrooms
A fairly classic syn free breakfast that should keep me going for ages.
SW:  syn free

L:   chicken skewer, coleslaw, salad; fruit (probably strawberries!)
Just what it says
SW:  one and a half syns for the chicken skewer, one syn for salad cream in the coleslaw

D:  chicken and veg in peshawari sauce, rice; yogurt
The sauce is from the freezer and originated in one of the Pinch of Nom books.  I'll just stir fry chicken and some suitable veg and then add the sauce.  Nice and easy.
SW:   half a healthy extra B and two syns for the sauce, half a syn for yogurt

Exercise:  Groove

no healthy extra As
half a healthy extra B
five syns

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