Wednesday 28 June 2023

Wednesday, 28-06-23

  Good morning, everybody!

I'm getting on with planning for a week on Pinch of Nom recipes - the meals are all planned in  The calories, as stated on the recipes, are all over the place but I guess by the time I have added extra veg, fruit, desserts, etc, they will be OK.  I'll probably do it the week beginning July 15th as Lindsey's away again that week so there's no classes and the extra time that gives me will compensate for the extra cooking time needed.
That will be the week working out the values according to SW guidelines, so the calories don't really matter - well, they do, but they are not what I will be counting.  Once that's done, I will have a better idea of how it all works, time wise.  At the moment, my planning takes into account the times I will be out with, maybe, easier meals or something from the freezer.  We all do it, don't we.  Know we will get back tired and hungry so have something ready and waiting and, most important, quick!

MInd you - I will add a disclaimer (is that the right word?) here and that is that if I have leftovers to use up, etc, then, just as now, I will change the plans in order to work them in without waste.  That is always a given.

Yesterday's photos:

Breakfast was just a plum, a peach and a nectarine.  All three were a bit wrinkled, not at all photogenic - so I didn't.  However, they were sweet and juicy and absolutely delicious.

Bacon goes so well with cheese, doesn't it?  I really enjoyed my toastie and salad.  I had some strawberries afterwards, just strawberries, no yogurt or anything. So good
Risotto is brilliant for using up bits and bobs and I really think you don't need wine to make a risotto nice.  What you do need is a half decent stock and I used some home made fresh chicken stock from the freezer.
What's in it was onion, leek, yellow pepper, mushrooms, garlic, peas, sweetcorn, chicken and the stock.  And arborio rice, of course.  Seasoning was just salt and pepper.
It was so good and so filling.  
Must have risotto more often!
I finished off with a lovely, crunchy apple.

Today's plans:

B:  pancakes, fruit and yogurt
Yummy.  I think I will go for oat bran (or oats, if I can't find my oat bran), just to do a flavour/texture comparison with using wholemeal flour
SW:  half healthy extra B for 20g oats or oat bran

L:  cheese on toast, tomatoes, mushrooms
 - using one slice of bread.  Possibly, I will spread some marmite on the toast, under the cheese; I'll see how I feel when I make it.
SW:  half a healthy extra B, one healthy extra A

D:  creamy roasted red pepper and chicken pasta; yogurt and strawberries
(PoN Comfort Food p 100)
I have cooked chicken that must be used today and, while the Week On doesn't start for over a fortnight,  see no reason why I can't start using the PoN recipes more in normal circumstances.  😀
SW:  2 syns for 25g lighter soft cheese

Exercise:  a Lindsey recording

up to two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
two syns

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