Saturday 17 June 2023

Saturday, 17-06-23

Good morning, everybody!
Three pounds off yesterday - I was so, so pleased with that.  

Now for this coming week.  I will be using up some home cooked ready meal things from the freezer so the syns are likely to be higher than this past week at times but still well within the SW limit.  I have loads of fruit to eat which is good and very refreshing in this hot weather.
Hoping it will all go OK.  

Yesterday's photos:
Breakfast was absolutely delicious.  The pancakes were vanilla flavoured and the yogurt was lemon and, although it satisfied, I could cheerfully have eaten double, it was so good..
I had a nectarine afterwards, just because . . .

A very tasty crustless ham quiche with coleslaw and a few tomatoes - and it was lovely.  
Afters was some honeydew melon.

A bit beige-looking, isn't it?
I cut the salad but added some cheese to the chips (an A choice) and Sooze was quite right (see yesterday's comment), the fish was really delicious and I am so glad I bought it.  Well worth those syns, for sure.

Today's plans:

Brunch:  crustless quiche and baked beans
A bit more substantial because - well, see below.  I'll try and hold off until after twelve although I will have the usual banana before SET class
SW:  half as healthy extra A

L:  Nothing because I'm going to a sewing workshop and There Will Be Cakes!  I Will Be Sensible (send me strong vibes, please) and I'll take some fruit with me too.

D:  chicken con carne, rice; yogurt
This is the next portion of the spicy chicken, made on Thursday.  I will just add some mixed beans and have it with plain rice and some cooling plain yogurt.  It already has loads of speed vegetables in it.
SW:  it should be syn free apart from half a syn for the dessert yogurt

Exercise:  SET class

half a healthy extra A
no healthy extra B
syns unknown


  1. Oh very well done, Joy! I'm glad you liked the yellowfin sole. xx

    1. Thank you so much, Sue. I really was delighted. And, yes, the fish was lovely, worth every penny of the five and a half syns.