Saturday 10 June 2023

Saturday, 10-06-23

Good morning, everybody!

Well - only what I deserved - three and a half pounds on.  Some of that will be fluid retention, of course.  Ho hum - onward and (hopefully) downward.

Yesterday's photos:

Breakfast - just some fruit and the strawberries were from the garden.

I had lunch out with Beth and went the calorie route - a smaller plate scampi and chips.  And a dessert - which was naughty but that's it for the week now.  Totally on plan, however hard it is.
Dinner was a toastie with lemon coleslaw followed by a yogurt.  Very nice too.

Today's plans:

B:  fruit
It's another Saturday walk so I will take some fruit to have when we stop for coffee.
SW:  syn free

L:  chicken skewer with salad; fruit
Just what it says.
SW:  one syn for the chicken

D:  meatballs and pasta; yogurt
The other half of what I had the other day.
SW:  one healthy extra A for the cheese in the meatballs and on top and half a syn for yogurt

Exercise:  SET class online and a walk

one healthy extra A
no healthy extra Bs
one and a half syns

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