Monday 12 June 2023

Monday, 12-06-23

 Good morning, everybody!
I made another loaf yesterday.  To my dismay, I didn't have enough strong wholemeal flour so I ended up using what I had, the rest of my plain wholemeal and even some SR wholemeal to make up the amounts.  And it worked, much to my surprise.  I guess the bottom line is that flour is flour!

When I came to slice it for the freezer, it was very soft - I should have left it for today really.  It just mangled the thin slices so I have slightly chunkier slices and will need to syn the extra weight.
A lovely bread though - can't complain.

But bread flour is now on my shopping list, for sure.

Two down now, five to go (days sticking properly to plan and staying under five syns without feeling deprived or bored, that is).

Yesterday's photos:

The pitta stuffed with roasted veg was really delicious and, of course, scrambled egg is always acceptable.  A very tasty breakfast, followed by a rather squishy plum that needed eating pronto!
I roasted extra veg to have for lunch instead of baking a sweet potato as originally planned.  The oven was on for the bread anyway so it made sense.

Lunch was so, so good.  The chicken thing really worked.
What I did was hammer out a chicken breast, lay a rosemary and red onion sausage on top and roll the chicken round it.  Then I lay a couple of sage leaves on top, covered them with two bacon medallions and tied it all up in  a couple of places with string.
Wrapped in foil, it roasted in Nellie in just twenty minutes and was so scrummy.  To be honest, it would have made two portions, had I sliced it more thinly.
After this plateful and some fruit salad, I was totally stuffed but it was all speed veg or fruit and lean meat (apart from the sauce) and SW free except for half a syn for the sauce so it felt a good fullness, not a yucky one - if you know what I mean..

I was still not that hungry when it came to dinner time so I just did the main bit, the pitta burger.  It was super delicious (I much prefer less bready wrapping with a burger) and super satisfying so no yogurt.

And that was yesterday.

Today's plans:

B:  avocado toast with poached egg (and, maybe, a bit of smoked salmon)
A very freezer based meal, this.  Only the egg is not from that useful appliance.
SW:  one healthy extra B for the toast and two syns for the avocado

L:  salmon, lemon mayo, salad; fruit salad
I think I am addicted to this lemon mayo - it goes so beautifully with salmon.  The fruit salad is left from yesterday;  to make a decent fresh fruit salad you need to make a lot more than one portion so I have plenty for the next few days.
SW:  one syn for the super light mayo

D:  chicken and veg in a white sauce, rice; yogurt
I have the rest of the chicken in white sauce to use up so I am simply going to soften/cook some veg, pep up the sauce, mix it all together and have it with rice.  Should be lovely!
SW:  half a syn for the rest of the can and half a syn for the yogurt

Exercise:  circuits class

no healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
four syns

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