Monday 5 June 2023

Monday, 05-06-23

Good morning, everybody!

A slightly odd non-scale victory here.
I've always been in the habit of  sitting in my comfy chair, crossing my legs, resting a book or Kindle on my top knee and that leaves my hands free to get on with my knitting/crochet.
I can't do that any more - my knee 'area' is now slimmer and book/Kindle doesn't balance any more, it falls one way or the other.
Yesterday's photos:

Let's start with this.  It was a gorgeously sunny day (albeit none too warm to start with) and, as I had fruit planned for breakfast and for lunch dessert, I decided to just make up a lovely bowl of fruit salad to enjoy rather than having to make decisions.
So I did and this has apple, orange, mango, peach, nectarine, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and mango.  After taking the photo, I realised I had forgotten I have some wonky grapes (perfectly sweet, just a bit small) so I added some of them too.
It was so, so delicious!!
(and it will do me today too as I didn't have it all yesterday)

Fruit and yogurt for breakfast.
The roast pork for dinner was, as hoped, fall apart, melt in the mouth territory.  Pork loin slow cooks so well.
Afters was some of the above fruit underneath but the strawberries on top and my first garden picking - which is why I'm showing the photo!
I wanted to use a pitta pocket for dinner but all I had was ordinary pittas.  I did my best but as soon as I picked it up to eat it, the whole thing fell apart!
It was still yummy thought.

I had a yogurt to end the day.

Today's plans:

B:  fruit
I have some fruit salad left over and I'll also have a banana because it will keep me going nicely through circuits.
SW:  syn free

L:  bagel with smoked salmon, salad leaves and lemon mayo; fruit
The bagel is the kind that counts as a healthy extra B and I had smoked salmon nearing the end of it's time to I portioned it and froze it so I have enough for a couple of weeks.  I do love smoked salmon.
I'm going to add some lemon juice and zest to the mayo to make it lemony.  I think that'll be nice.
SW:  one syn for the mayo and one healthy extra B for the bagel.  The rest is all syn free

D:  sort of toktok pasta; yogurt
I'll b doing it the usual way but I have a little bit of pork left so I will shred that to add in and I'll probably add a few sliced olives and some extra veg too.  The pasta might be noodles - I'll see how I feel when it comes to it.
SW:  one healthy extra A (feta) and eight olives (in brine) is one and a half syns (I'll probably have one syn's worth).  Also half a syn for the yogurt

Exercise:  Lindsey's classes restart today so it's circuits today.  It'll be nice to get started again.

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
two and a half syns - that's not bad for a scrummy day's eating!


  1. I do love fresh fruit salad and yours looks so pretty. I love smoked salmon too, but actually prefer it lightly cooked - stirred through pasta or scrambled egg, e.g. Well done on the NSV, even though it means you can't read and knit/crochet at the same time! xx

    1. I like it cooked too - a smoked salmon fillet, lightly steamed, is a big treat for me. It's so expensive though, sadly! xx