Saturday 10 June 2023

A week of meals on Slimming World

       These photos are a resume of most of the meals I have had over the last week, excluding desserts, snacks, naughty things, etc. It starts on Saturday and goes through to the following Friday.

Slimming World - restricting?  Few choices?  Going without?   Absolutely no way!

For details of syns, healthy extras, etc, see the individual posts.

Saturday, 03-06-23
B:  just fruit, eaten on a walk.  No photo.
L:  not-sushi, salad; fruit
D:  steak, chips and coleslaw.

Sunday, 04-06-23
B:  fruit and yogurt
L:  roast pork dinner
(I've also posted a photo of dessert because the strawberries were the first picking from my little patch)
D:  pork and apple slaw pitta

Monday, 05-06-23
B:  fruit
L:  bagel with lemon mayo, leaves and smoked salmon
D:  feta and tomato pasta

Tuesday, 06-06-23
B:  fruit
L:  satay chicken wrap and salad
D:  meatballs with fusilli

Wednesday, 07-06-23
B:  berries and yogurt
L:  egg mayo sandwiches
D:  disaster!!  :-)

Thursday, 08-06-23
B:  nothing - suffering from the previous night!
L:  salmon, roasted red veg, broccoli
D:  cheese and bacon toastie (nicer than it looks)

Friday, 09-06-23
B:  fruit
L:  taken out with daughter - no photo
D:  cheese and onion toastie with lemon coleslaw

And that was last week.  Not the best of weeks and not the best of weigh ion results but onward and (hopefully) downward!

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