Friday 30 June 2023

Friday, 30-06-23

   Good morning, everybody!

No SW this week because I'm off on a coach trip today.  In fact, I am writing this Thursday evening and will schedule it to post on Friday but let's just pretend it is a Friday anyway, OK?

Knowing I wouldn't be at group, last Friday I did a weigh at home and will do the same today under similar conditions, just to measure any movement on the scales.  It's just a check really.  I'll be back at group next week.
Yesterday's photos:

No broken yolk this time and it was scrummy!
First of all, the fritters - they were so good.  I used:
20g SR wholemeal flour
one medium egg
a little bit of yogurt
some sweetcorn
45g finely grated cheddar
seasonings (garlic and onion granules, chilli flakes, salt and pepper)
and some spray oil
Mix all but the last together, heat up a non stick pan to a medium heat and dollop in spoonfuls, giving each side about three minutes (or until they look done).
This made eight (I test tasted one).

I had planned salad and brown sauce but it was colder and damp this morning so I changed and used my speed food to make a tomato and (slightly) roasted red pepper soup.

For that, I used some frozen base mix (just onion, carrot and celery, found in Morrisons and very useful), a can of chopped tomatoes, some Marigold veg bouillon powder, a bit of roasted red pepper from a jar (there wasn't much left), a bit of water and a couple of sundried tomatoes with all the oil washed and then patted off.  Seasoning was salt and pepper.
I just boiled it all up and then blended it, pushing it through a sieve to make it super-smooth.
It was lovely and made enough for two portions.  There's no meat in it so it should be fine for a few days in the fridge.
It was a lovely lunch!

Just a reheat of leftovers for dinner and very nice it was too.

A had the last little bit of some 0% Greek yogurt for afters and that was that!

Today's plans:

B:  fruit

L:  no idea at present but we will be eating at their cafe rather than taking a picnic.  It was my friend's birthday this week so I'm treating her.

D:  Something from the freezer, I think.  It really depends when I get home and how I feel

Exercise:  a whole lot of walking!

Summary:  off plan today

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