Tuesday 27 June 2023

Tuesday, 27-06-23

  Good morning, everybody!

Well, I made that loaf and . . .

. . . it was just exactly what I wanted. 
I had to sample it, of course (so delicious) so that was my healthy extra B for yesterday.  I really ought to have taken a photo of the inside crumb.

The rest is now sliced into nice ovals and in the freezer.  To my delight, I can legitimately and without bending the 'rules' or my conscience (such as it is) have two slices as my healthy extra B.  They are thin but that's OK.

Quite apart from the fact that home made bread jut tastes so very good, when I actually look at the label and see what's in the kind of wholemeal that gives you two slices for a B, the more determined I am to continue making my own bread in future.

Must look up how to make pitta bread.  😇
Yesterday's photos:

Breakfast was lovely.  Afterwards I enjoyed some freshly picked strawberries and raspberries
More leftovers gone!  It filled me up nicely, especially when followed by some raspberries with Greek yogurt.

As you may imagine, this went down a real treat.  The garlic and herb crumb was much stronger in flavour than the lemon one was but that's OK.  The fish was lovely and tender and who doesn't like home made wedges?

Must look for 'naked' yellowfin sole fillets so I can do my own crumbing.  Iceland, maybe?  Anyone know?

Today's plans:

B:  fruit and yogurt
Nice and clean and fresh - I love this!  Also, I have a friend round for coffee at my usual breakfast time so want something quick, easy, light but filling that I can have just before she arrives.
SW:  syn free

L:  cheese and bacon toastie, side salad; fruit (probably pineapple as I have a very ripe one that needs eating)
Simply a favourite!  Does a week go by without me having a toastie?  I don't think so.  :-)
I have loads of tomatoes in the fridge so the salad might morph into a tomato salad or salsa type thing.
SW:  one healthy extra A (maybe one and a half), one healthy extra B

D:  mushroom and turkey risotto, side salad; fruit and yogurt
This is to use up the last bits of turkey from Sunday and I have real chicken stock to use too.  No wine though!  I will add extra veg - like red pepper, peas and corn
SW:  half a healthy extra A for some Parmesan and the rest is syn free as I will use 0% yogurt

Exercise:  a Lindsey clip and some gardening

two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
this might possibly be a syn free day

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