Thursday 29 June 2023

Thursday, 29-06-23

  Good morning, everybody!

Yesterday's photos:

A really tasty start to the day's eating window.  Oat bran pancakes are quite different to wholemeal flour pancakes - different texture and more 'solid' - but they are really very nice in their own way and I ought to ring the changes a bit more, I think.
The fruit was just strawberries and raspberries from the PYO.
Lunch and I did have some marmite under the cheese.  SUch a good umami flavour there.

Afters was pineapple and, later on, I was feeling peckish so finished off the little bit of turkey left over from Sunday which was unfortunate because . . .

. . . dinner was lovely and I didn't have room for all of it.
The positive side is that now I have today's dinner to simply reheat!

I made the sauce/chicken part of the recipe early morning because flavours developing, etc and oh, my goodness!  Until I blended the sauce part, the overwhelming aroma was paprika which rather dismayed me because I had only added a small pinch but, after blending, a wonderful smoky sweetness came to the fore and it was so, so delicious.  I was also dismayed by the fact the my lighter soft cheese had gone over and had to hit the bin but I added some Seriously Lighter cheddar spread and it was so good.  Maybe not so 'creamy' in either texture or look but an excellent substitute.

Today's plans:

B:  crumpet thin with avocado and egg, tomatoes on the side
I just wonder what avocado on a crumpet is like.  I know it's lovely on wholemeal toast but we will see - well, I will.  And perhaps, this time, I won't break the egg yolk.
SW:  three syns for a crumpet thin and 40g frozen avocado chunks is three syns too

L:  cheesy sweet corn fritters, salad; fruit
I have sweetcorn left over from Tuesday's risotto so why not.   I plan to use flour, egg, plain yogurt, some seasonings (not sure what yet), garlic and onion granules and some grated cheddar plus brown sauce for dipping and a mixed salad.  A runny egg would be nice on top but I'm already having an egg for breakfast and one in the batter so best not.  
SW:  one B for some wholemeal SR flour (I count this as a B choice but it is not SW canon) and one, maybe more healthy extra As on the cheese.  One syn for some Crucials brown sauce

D:  creamy roasted red pepper and chicken pasta, possibly a salad; fruit/yogurt
Leftovers from yesterday.  The bag of mixed leaves I am currently working through has quite a lot of spinach and I might add some of that spinach to the mix plus a few shavings of parmesan might go down well
SW:  one syn for a bit of spready cheese and a bit of one of my healthy A on some parmesan shavings

Exercise:  rest day

up to two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
nine syns - blame the breakfast!

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