Friday 4 January 2019

Friday, 4-01-19

Good morning.
Let's get it over with - last night I had gained four pounds.  So over Christmas and New Year, that's half a stone on.  No excuses although I know that a bit of that is just because I ate for England yesterday.  All day.  No idea why, I just did. 
So no sympathy needed and I'm not whinging, it's my own fault.


That's the line I've just drawn under it and I'm moving on.  :-)

Today's plans
B:  poached egg on toast, apple
SW:  a third of a healthy extra B for the bread - I've got some crustless wholemeal sliced in the freezer and you can have three slices for your B

L:  tomato soup with croutons, clementine
SW:  the croutons are the other two thirds of my B

D:  salmon, one tbsp seafood sauce, two veg; fruit salad
SW:  two and a half syns for the seafood sauce

Ss:  I haven't planned in any As.  I'll probably have warm milk before I go to bed.  I quite like it and find it relaxing and soothing.  Apart from that, it's a busy day and there won't be time for much snacking, I expect.

Breakfast and lunch are both very frugal and dinner is someone else's tab!  Have a great day.


  1. The main thing is to do exactly what you have done and draw a line under the last two weeks.
    This week end might be hard going but I’m sure you are strong enough to refuse to be tempted too much though I know you won't want to offend your parents.
    Odd how they always want to treat one with food even when one is grown up isn't it!
    We are in the same situation having each gained half a stone we don't want during the festivities and that is with no second helpings, just more snacky bits. Have a good weekend. I hope next Thursday will bring encouragement. Sue

    1. Thanks for those encouraging words, Sooze. We really are in the same boat in many ways, aren't we? Not making excuses but I think that when we suddenly start eating stuff (as I have) that normally I controll pretty carefully, we start retaining fluid as the body adjusts and I am sure at least some of that gain will be down to that. I will see next Thursday, won't I? :-)
      Good luck to you both as well. xxx

  2. Me too, me too, me too! 7 BLOODY POUNDS! Oh well - back on it and am not telling anybody!

    1. I totally understand! Feels horrible, doesn't it, but we'll get back in charge again. Maybe it's normal anyway, we just notice because we're monitoring things.
      Here's to next week, eh? For us both.

  3. You've said it, it happened....move on. You are doing great, it's a minor hiccup that you'll 're tidy in no time.

  4. Very sorry to learn of your disappointment, we are all in the same boat, & all have to put that behind us .With the support of group, i’ m hopeful again. I’m trying to go 4 hours between eating so giving myself permission to eat things but only at proper meals.
    Don’t comment often but your point about the evening after the weigh in being a danger time was an eye opener for me. Now planning to have something on plan prepped and ready to put in the microwave when I get in.