Monday 28 January 2019

Personal review: SW Mediterranean chicken risotto

Disclaimer:  I'm not being paid or rewarded in anyway for reviewing SW foods from Iceland.  I bought it myself with my own money and there's no pressure from anyone or anywhere to be overly positive (or negative).

It seems that SW Italian meals come very heavy on the basil and the spinach.  Having said that, I enjoyed it much more than the meatballs of the other day.
The flavour was more natural, the texture was pretty risotto-ey and there was plenty of chicken.  The sauce was a bit thin but some added tomato puree sorted that.  The flavour was OK but I wouldn't spend my money on another one although I might give the recipe a go at some point, without basil and spinach.

So not an unqualified success but not a disaster either - just not worth it!

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