Tuesday 15 January 2019

Tuesday, 15-01-19

Good morning!
We're half way through the month, would you believe?  Where does the time go?

Here's yesterday's photo diary.
. . . and 30g cheese!

There a few changes from the plans, mostly due to lack of time.
I didn't have a poached egg with the breakfast fish and I didn't make any croutons for lunch.  I also had a mini orange rather than an apple.
Basically I had one and a  half healthy extra As and no B.  Not a great Slimming World day but never mind - could be worse!  I was full and felt well fed and the savoury rice was delicious.  I'm sure freezing develops the flavour.

Today's SW plans are . . .
B:  marmite on toast, fruit.
Quite simple today but I just fancied some toast.
SW:  the bread is my healthy extra B and I will use some dairylea light as well because it's so tasty with marmite.  Two wedges will be half of a healthy extra A

L:  broccoli soup, more fruit
I have a stem of broccoli to use and there's no way I'm going to chuck it.  Far too flavoursome.
SW:  the soup is free and I will sprinkle on 15g grated cheddar for the other half of one of my A

D:  bacon and mushroom cheesy pasta
Just a concoction using what I've got in the fridge!
SW  four dairylea wedges will be the other healthy extra A and I'm hoping the rest is free.

Ss:  Mullerlight, carrot batons

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