Sunday 6 January 2019

Sunday, 06-01-19

Good morning.

Yesterday, I noticed that Dad still had the bit of broccoli and complete stem that I left last time so I chopped that up, added onion, carrot, potato and some Marigold stock with water and squidge of garlic, boiled it up and zizzed it down and it made a most acceptable soup.  It's been even nicer had there been a bit of Stilton to crumble in, mind you, but it was tasty just by itself.

The turkey stew was also delicious with four single portions in the freezer for Mum and/or Dad to have at some point during the next two weeks - and that's now the last of the big portions of turkey.  All I have left at home is some single portions in stock and a container of stock for next Christmas' gravy!  What I do is boil up the giblets, add the saved stock, and that's the main part of a delicious gravy done and dusted!  It saves me having to faff around on Christmas morning, cooling, removing the fat and re-heating the stock from the just roasted bird.  Time-frugality!

I will keep my eyes open for when the shops have turkey legs in as my parents do love their turkey stew!

Today's plans:
B:  Yogurt and fruit (blueberries/strawberries); apple or orange
SW:  free

L:  beans on toast, 30g grated cheese; apple or orange
SW:  one slice toast is half a healthy extra B and 30g cheese is one healthy extra A

D:  chicken Alfredo (the SW version from the current magazine), cabbage; Mullerlight
The chicken breasts Dad gets from his butchers are so big that one will do the three of us and I will use whatever pasta they have in the pantry - I know there's orzo for a start.
SW:  two, maybe three, syns for the extra light soft cheese and one syn for the yogurt

All in all, not a shockingly expensive day
Ss:  fruit, 30g cheese to nibble (healthy extra A), toast and marmite (half healthy extra B)

Have a good food day, everyone!

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