Wednesday 30 January 2019

Personal review: SW rogan josh sauce from Iceland

Disclaimer:  I'm not being paid or rewarded in anyway for reviewing SW foods from Iceland.  I bought it myself with my own money and there's no pressure from anyone or anywhere to be overly positive (or negative).

A ready sauce rather than a ready meal.  I'd rarely buy a tomato based sauce as I like the ones I make but I do use curry pastes, etc, so was happy to give this a go.

It looked good, smelled great and all together it was a positive first impression.

Of course, being a sauce, you have to make the meal.
I used:
red and orange pepper
sweet potato

Plus, because I had it to use up, half a can of chopped tomatoes and a good dollop of chicken stock powder.

I fried the onion, pepper, mushroom and sweet potatoes in spray oil, added the sauce (thawed), tomatoes, stock and a splash of water, brought it all up to a simmer and let it gently bubble away, covered, for a while.
Then I added the peas and some kale (NOT spinach!!) and let it simmer a bit longer and hey presto - ready!

It made four portions, good and generous portions, two of which are now sitting in the freezer for other times, one of which I have eaten and one is destined for tomorrow after group.

What did I think of it?  Well, it's the first SW item I have tried that I will definitely get in again because it is very tasty indeed.  There was no heat in it but that's easily remedied by a shake of chilli powder, flakes or puree and it is flavoursome.  I thoroughly enjoyed dinner this evening.

(by the way, I had orzo, not rice - fusion food!)

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