Thursday 10 January 2019

Thursday, 10-01-19

Good morning!
I remembered the photo diary yesterday

And very nice it all was too!
Hopefully you can open this link to the salmon curry in a hurry - it was very tasty.  If you can't let me know via comments and I'll try a different link.

Today's plans
B:  bacon, scrambled egg, sausage
All stuff I have in and the eggs were a gift.
SW:  half a syn for two Heck sausages

L:  yogurt, apple and orange
My usual weigh day lunch!
SW:  free because I'm having natural yogurt rather than mullerlight yogurt.

D:  cheese and mushroom calzone, side salad
OK, so not really a calzone but . . . this is Slimming World.  I will use a WW wrap as the outside and will cook up some onion, pepper, tomato and mushroom in spray oil, spoon it onto one half of the wrap, sprinkle over some cheddar and brush whisked egg over the rest and round the edge.  Fold the wrap over to make a pasty shaped thingy and press the edges down with the prongs of a fork to seal.  Brush over more egg and bake in the oven on a non stick surface until golden brown and 'done'.  Eat straight away.
That's the theory anyway.
SW:  the wrap will be my healthy extra B and the cheese will be most of my two healthy extra As.  The rest is free.

And fingers crossed for the weigh in.  I HAVE to have lost some of the festive gain, I really do.


  1. I'm sure you will have done great. I really need to find my scales....yikes! Love the photos it brings your meals to life. The salmon curry sounds delicious, thanks for the link.

    1. I'm glad you could see it. Some SW stuff is behind a password. I'm glad you like the photos too.; Taking them seems to help.

  2. Following a freebie from Tesco, I'm going to try the salmon curry recipe (which I can see). When I received my monthly online order from Tesco there was a side of fresh salmon that I hadn't ordered. One call later to customer services and it's now portioned and in the freezer - they didn't want it back and said I could keep it at no charge.

    1. What a gift!!! Don't you love it when they make mistakes like that!