Wednesday 30 January 2019

Wednesday, 30-01-19

Good morning.

Here's yesterday's photo diary.
No photo of breakfast - it was pineapple, grapes and blueberries topped with natural yogurt

Lunch:  a wrap pizza pretending to be a quesadilla and it was gorgeous!  I also had a Mullerlight.
(I've posted the recipe separately)

Dinner:  char sui pork noodles - another SW ready meal and a Mullerlight
(apologies for the messy photo - I almost forgot and had already started the meal)

I'll be doing a review of the char sui pork noodles in a separate post

I also had a choccy drink (Options) for two syns.  Apart from that, I stayed off the snacks as the day before they ma6y have been oranges but I consider I hat too much, 'free' food notwithstanding.

Today's plans:
B:  bacon, egg and beans; apple
Using up the beans from Monday.
SW:  free

L:  two boiled eggs, pitta dippers, cheese, orange
I might defer the cheese and use it as a snack later.
SW:  the pitta is my healthy extra B and the cheese is one of my As.

D:  chicken rogan josh, rice; natural yogurt
This is not a SW ready meal for a change, it is a SW ready sauce and it will make four portions.  The recipe for the sauce is on the lid so if it is good, I will definitely use it again.  Two portions will be frozen and I'll have the fourth tomorrow after group - quick 'n' easy
SW:  free, depending on what I put in but it will most likely be chicken (obviously) with onion, pepper, mushroom, sweet potato and maybe peas - I love peas in a curry.

Ss:  Mullerlight, 2 x mini oranges

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