Thursday 24 January 2019

Thursday, 24-01-19

Good morning.

Well, unfortunately, yesterday's plans went a bit up the creek, not in an overeaing way but quite the opposite.  It started off OK with a very nice cooked breakfast . . .

. . . and then went off to meet a friend for coffee (black - not a sacrifice, I prefer it).
When I got home I wasn't feeling brilliant again so just had some fruit for lunch.  I made dinner and was going to have it when I got home from a meeting but really couldn't face it so close to bedtime so I had my cheese (got to have calcium), some yogurt and some oranges and that was that.
So not great but there you go!
I'll freeze the lentil and veg ragu so it won't be wasted - it's very tasty.  Basically it's a pile of veg, sauteed for a while, then a bit of spice/seasoning/garlic, some passata and a tin of green lentils with some soy sauce and Lea and Perrins and let it all simmer until lovely and thick.  That's not the original recipe, it's my version with a bit of jazzing up.

And now I am wide awake with stuff buzzing around in my head.  I'm going to be shattered this evening!

Today's plans
B:  mushroom omelette, fruit
I tend to let mushrooms go a bit over so this is my effort to use some up in good time
SW:  free

L:  Mullerlight, apple, orange
The usual weighday lunch
SW:  one syn for the Mullerlight

D: turkey jalfrezi, rice (maybe); fruit
Yet another from Take 5.  I've enjoyed this week's food very much and using the book for several meals has worked really well.  I'll do this again at some point as I have several of their recipe books.
I'll make this earlier in the day so I'm not deterred by tiredness after group this evening - a heat'n'eat!
SW:  free

Ss:  I need to have all my healthy extras as snacks today so cheese salad sarnie, maybe.  It would not be good to just forget about them, especially the calcium.  I have loads of fruit and vey (usually) so I'm not so fussed about the fibre.

Weighday this evening - fingers crossed.


  1. Good luck for tonight, Joy - although you don't need luck, your dieting efforts will see you through with no problem, I'm sure. The breakfast looks yummy.

    1. I'm sure I've lost a bit anyway. That's all I ask really. A bit at a time and I shall be at target well before my holiday!