Saturday 5 January 2019

Saturday, 04-01-19

Good morning.

Here's today's plans:
B:  overnight oats with fresh fruit and natural yogurt
SW:  40g oats is one healthy extra B

L:  might be homemade soup and might be Mullerlight, apple and orange, depending on what the others want.
SW  one syn for the yogurt

D:  turkey stew with grated cheese on top; fruit or yogurt (depending on lunch)
SW:  the stew will be free, the cheese will be one or two healthy extra As, depending on whether I have 30 or 60 grams

No specific comments about frugality as I'm away but actually none of it is too extravagant anyway - well, maybe the turkey is but I'm using the leftovers from Christmas and the stock from boiling the carcass which is, of itself, a great way to get that little bit more from an expensive roast!  I froze it all on Boxing day, knowing I'd be using it this weekend.

It may sound daft but when I was in Morrisons yesterday, getting the salmon for dinner last night (Morrisons does lovely salmon), there were some turkey breast roasts reduced so I got one.  That's now in the freezer.  I'd have got a turkey leg if they'd had one but it was all rolled breasts.  It's a very useful meat to have around, I think.
Good luck to us all today, whatever we plan.

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