Wednesday 30 January 2019

Personal review: SW char sui pork noodles

Disclaimer:  I'm not being paid or rewarded in anyway for reviewing SW foods from Iceland.  I bought it myself with my own money and there's no pressure from anyone or anywhere to be overly positive (or negative).

I was looking forward to this and I wasn't disappointed.  For a start, the pork was plentiful, lean and tender, the Chinese veg (plenty of water chestnuts which I like) were still crunchy and there was enough sauce for the fairly substantial (for me) quantity of noodles.  You have to like five spice to like this but I do so it was good.

Yes, there was the ubiquitous spinach but not an overwhelming amount, just enough to give colour and a little flavour.

The recipe looks very straightforward and it is definitely one to make another time.

I am coming to the conclusion though, that while the instructions say microwave for best results, I wonder if they just mean 'quick' results because the one I did do in the oven was much more mellow in flavour than the three I have microwaved.  That could just be coincidence, of course, and oven cooking does carry more of a fuel cost, but I think I will try doing the next one the slow way and see.

Anyway, in conclusion, this was tasty and I enjoyed it very much.  Is it worth the cost - no, of course not, but I didn't feel I had wasted my money because it was tasty, filling and satisfying.

Apologies for the photo - I had already started eating when I remembered the photo so it's not a pretty sight!

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