Saturday 12 January 2019

Saturday, 12-01-19

Morning, everyone.

Yesterday's photo diary:
(I also had a few more oranges and another Mullerlight)

Today's plans:
B:  beans on toast, yogurt and fruit
To use up yesterday's leftover beans.
SW:  two syns for the toast (I'm having the healthy extra B later on)

L:  Out, so don't know
I'm going to a Thermomix 'Healthy Eating and Detox' class so, hopefully, whatever there is to eat will be reasonably OK.

D:  corned beef pasty, sprouts, another veg of some kind
To be made the same way as the 'calzone' on Thursday with a filling of corned beef (the lower fat kind), onion, potato, grated cheese and something spicy
SW:  the wrap is a healthy extra B, the cheese is one healthy extra A, the corned beef is three syns and there will be more than enough so I will use the rest to make breakfast tomorrow.

Ss:  fruit, carrot sticks


  1. I like your photo diaries....I'm never organised enough (or remember!) to take photos of anything!

    1. I don't always remember. :-) I'm glad you like the idea - I'm finding it helpful to see the whole lot in one place. It seems to brings perspective to it all.

  2. I've just looked up Thermomix as i hadnt a clue what it was. Crumbs £1139 to buy. I hopecit buys the ingrefients abd washes up for that orice. Great photos.

    1. It does do a self wash for certain situations.
      Yes, it's very costly. I used a small inheritance to buy one and I'm so glad I did.