Wednesday 9 January 2019

Wednesday, 09-01-19

Morning, everyone.
I'm feeling encouraged this morning.  As I mentioned in t'other blog, I bought some jeans (in a sale so not too un-frugal) in the next size down which, it is to be hoped, will be my forever size.  I tried them on and not only could I get them up, I could do them up too!  OK, so they were tight and there's no way I would want to wear them for long but it's really motivated me again.

Today's plans:
B:  two boiled eggs with toast dippers, apple
This is really frugal because Dad gave me eggs to use up after the weekend.
SW:  one slice of crustless wholemeal as a third of a healthy extra B.

L:  cheese, onion and cranberry toastie, home made coleslaw
 I really love this one - as the label says, using spray oil and toasted under the grill.  I have cabbage and carrot and will use just a bit of lighter than light mayo for the coleslaw
SW:  the other two thirds of the healthy extra B (bread) and most of my two healthy extra As (cheese) plus one syn maximum for the mayo

D:  salmon curry in a hurry, maybe a bit of basmati rice; mullerlight
I've made this before and it's surprisingly nice.  It's a Slimming World recipe which really doesn't take long and I think I have a bit of frozen broccoli in the freezer (but if I don't, I have some fresh).  I'm not sure whether I will serve it with rice or not.
I know salmon isn't particularly cheap but I have taken to buying bigger bits and cutting it into portions - it is much better value that way.  Also, there were some larger bit reduced after Christmas so I got some and now my freezer is salmon rich!
SW:  free apart from the yogurt which is one syn

Ss:  carrot sticks, yogurt and frozen fruit (to make a sort of icecream thingy)

I will sit down at some point and reorganise my recipe files.  I have so many recipes now, all in plastic pockets and sorted into different sections, and I think that I need to sort out all those I haven't yet tried and put them in a separate place and choose from them when I am planning the week's meals.  Then, if it's a keeper, it can go into the relevant section.
It's a fact that the Slimming World plan is far from restrictive and I find I am spoilt for choice.  There's no way I can complain that it is dull or boring, is there?  Just look at today's plans!


  1. You continue to do well and can tell your achievements have not only made a positive physical difference but also encouraged a great attitude and zest for life. I tried to comment on your other blog and was confronted, not for the first time with Adult Finder, so I quickly clicked off. I don't know if you have less comments lately, but if so ,this could be the reason.

    1. Hi, Glo, and thank you.
      Sorry about the other blog - it's a right pain and Blogger doesn't seem to be interested in sorting it but if you close it down quickly (as you do!), my blog should still be there and you can then leave a comment.