Monday 7 January 2019

Monday, 07-01-19

Good morning

I will be home this morning where temptation is kept at a safer distance.  I think the weekend has gone reasonably OK.  There have been some slips, sure, but it's been better than it could have been.

I've decided to follow a trend.  That's not like me, I know - I generally do my own thing, but I've decided to go completely 'dry' this month.  You see, wine (and other alcohol, but it's usually wine) is a huge eating trigger and it helps to be able to say to myself not 'I oughtn't' but 'I can't - I'm dry this month'.  In fact, it has already helped over this weekend.
Maybe that sounds daft but it's a case of 'know thine enemy' and 'know thyself' so there you go.
Dry January.
And then we will see.

Two more things I am trying are to use as small a plate as I can reasonably manage (within the limits of what I have) and to eat s-l-o-w-l-y.  I've noticed I'm a bit in the habit of wolfing meals down as if they were about to disappear; I never used to and I'm not sure why it's changed but it had better change back again.
With the plates, my dinner plates look big, but the actual food part, ignoring the rim, is not huge so if I remember to stay within those limits and not use the rim, it should help.  It's all about habits.

I've not been able to photograph my meals over the weekend.  It feels bad mannered when you are eating with others.  However, I will continue as much as I can once I'm home.

So fingers crossed.

So, actually, that's four strategies to help, none of them too hard, all of them do-able as long as I remember!

Today's plans:
B:  beans on toast, apple
One slice of toast and about a third of a can of beans.  I know that doesn't sound a lot but it's all good, filling stuff which should keep me going all morning
SW:  one slice of wholemeal is half a healthy extra B

L:  tomato soup, one slice of bread for dunking, 30g grated cheese; orange
Self explanatory really.  I'm still using that SW tomato soup recipe - at LAST I have found a use for pickled onions! - and when it's all gone I will make some more.  It's really nice.
SW:  the cheese is a healthy extra A and the bread is the other half healthy extra B

D:  homity pie, sprouts; Mullerlight
Homity pie (what a lovely, old fashioned name) is a recipe from this month's SW magazine.  It's basically vegetables with a potatoey-cheesy-eggy topping, baked in the oven.  I'll share the recipe more fully if I like it as much as I think I will.  None of the ingredients are very expensive; generally vegetarian stuff is great value for money.
SW:  I'm upping the cheese to the second healthy extra A.  The rest is all free foods apart from the Mullerlight which is one syn.

Ss:  fruit, carrot sticks


  1. I'd be interested in the Homity Pie recipe, we're eating more veggie stuff now. You didn't mention pastry, I presume the SW version is pastryless?

    1. Definitely pastryless, yes. Also, most unauthentic, I am sure, but I thought it sounded nice when I read the recipe so fingers crossed. :-D

  2. Morning Joy

    I wonder if you 'watered' the wine down (with lemonade?) if that would help you, or not? Sometimes it's best to just not have the food/drink that you find is your weakness.

    The Homity pie sounds interesting.

    Have a good day.


    1. It's a thought, thanks very much, but I doubt it will work for me - it's not just the wine, it's the trigger element of it. Best to stay off it really, I think.