Saturday 26 January 2019

Saturday, 26-01-19


I took one photo yesterday - dinner.  I simmered one portion of the turkey mince to dry it out a bit before adding some kidney beans from my bag in the freezer and it was extremely acceptable.

Today's plans are:
B:  sausages, bacon, tomatoes
The sausages are some from Iceland (my order came yesterday evening) so I'm trying them out.  Not cheap so I hope they are nice.  They're pork, sage and butternut squash sausages.  To balance that just a little bit, the bacon was on yellow sticker.
SW:  free

L:  I'm having it round Beth's and I gather she's doing roast chicken and veg so that will work well.

D:  nasi goreng, home made wholemeal flatbread, yogurt and fruit
A SW ready meal, the first one.  Hope it's nice; I'll let you know.  The fruit will be some of the pineapple I won at group last week and it seems to be ready to eat now - I hope
SW:  the flatbread will be my healthy extra B.  If I use about 40g wholemeal flour, it should be around 60g in total which is about right for a B

Ss:  milk, cheese fruit yogurt.
SW  the milk and cheese are my As and the yogurt is one syn.


  1. You have got this off to a fine art. Love the variety. You are proving you can eat healthily for less.

    1. I'm pleased with how it's all going although I have to admit that the ready meals are not at all in that ethos. They're just a one off though, to give them a go.
      There's certainly no need for food boredom on Slimming World!