Tuesday 29 January 2019

Tuesday, 29-01-19

Good morning
Yesterday's photo diary.

A lovely breakfast and I have discovered that those sage and squash sausages are really nice fried in spray oil (rather than oven baked) and eaten with some baked beans!

Lunch:  cheesy beans on toast - simple and delicious.

Dinner  SW Mediterranean chicken risotto
(I will being reviewing the risotto as a separate post).

I also had an apple, several mini oranges, some cheese (the rest of my healthy extra A) and one Mullerlight.

Today's menu plans:
B:  yogurt and pineapple
Just what it says on the label.  The pineapple is still lasting out and it's deliciously sweet and juicy while the yogurt is home made so this is a frugal breakfast
SW  free

L:  syn free pizza, simple salad
I'm using a wrap for the base, making my own sauce with tomato puree and softening my own veg in spray oil.  I might slice and add a SW sausage too.  The cheese is 70g light mozzarella.  It might end up as a pizza or I might 'sandwich' it up to make a sort of quesadilla, adding extra spice to the sauce as I dearly love my cajun spice mix.
SW:  the wrap is a Weight Watchers one for my healthy extra B and 70g of mozzarella light is a healthy extra A.  The SW sausage is free

D:  char sui pork noodles
Another of those SW ready meals from Iceland that I am trying out.  This one sounds nice so we will see . . .
SW:  free

Ss:  Mullerlights (one syn each), fruit


  1. Breakfast and lunch photos look fabulous, just my sort of meals. Can't really say the same about the SW dinner, though, it's the spinach that puts me off. The char sui pork noodles, on the other hand - yum, I love Chinese food. Hope it's as good as it sounds.

    1. Spinach isn't my thing either and when I make it myself I will use something like broccoli instead.
      I'm also looking forward to this evening. :-)