Saturday, 25 May 2019

Saturday, 25-05-19

Good morning!

Yesterday's breakfast
Very delicious, as always.  Good old waffle maker.

To go with the frittata at lunchytime yesterday, I made a tomato and onion salad.  Earlier, I thinly sliced a small onion and left it to gently pickle in two tbsp balsamic vinegar and about half a tsp of stevia.  Just before serving, I sliced two tomatoes onto the plate and spooned over the drained onion and it was surprisingly delicious.  I might try doing a bit of cabbage the same way.

One thing I really do like about Slimming World is the flexibility.
I had some McCain's gastro chips (don't ask - a moment of weakness a while ago) in the freezer.  I love them but they are rather naughty!  Looking them up, they are six syns per 100g so, as I can have up to 15 syns a day (but usually don't as you know) I decided to have some and syn them.  So twelve syns and 200g of chips later, plus salmon and peas, but no seafood sauce, I was smugly satisfied for the rest of the evening.  Yay me!

Today's food plans:
B: fruit (from freezer) and yogurt
SW:  free

L:  sweet and sour chicken skewers with a salad, apple
This is from one of the SW cookery books, Free Food on the Go, and, as it says, it's free.  The chicken is from the freezer.
SW:  if I have mayo, I will syn it

D:  turkey keema (from the freezer) with a pitta, fruit yogurt
I'm going to bulk out the keema with some chopped new potatoes and some extra veg and have it in a bowl with a dollop of natural yogurt and a wholemeal pitta to dunk - or I might make that a fresh baked 'flat roll' as I described some days ago.  It should be nice either way.
SW:  one healthy extra B for the pitta

Ss:  sparkling water, maybe another fruit yogurt for one syn

Body Magic:  definitely a swim, maybe a walk and/or some gardening.


  1. Everyone deserves a treat sometime! I love plaice in breadcrumbs and will happily use almost all my daily syns to have it occasionally.

    1. I think it keeps us on track as long as the treat is occasional - and if it's within syns, perfect!